Lorax Moment

by Fluent

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This instrumental is "One Day" by RJD2. I first rhymed over this beat 11 years ago. I consider the song I made to be a major reason why I am still doing this today--and it has a lot to be do with the power of this beat. The lyrics are new on this track here, but the message is the same. Respect the planet, speak for the trees--and everything else.

Dedicated to my daughter, Francesca.


alright this is what i'm gonna do:
grab the mic and rap for you
like a buzz word, it's all-natural, all factual
some say, 'hey, it's that white, rappin' dude!'
actually i'm just a young person with a purpose that he has to prove
i used to write before, during, and after school
young, sponge minds have to be wrung out sometimes
unwind the chains that bind you to your confines
unravel the "nots" and you'll climb just fine
i was outside this summer with a friend of mine
said, 'hey man, we have to change our ways;
climate change is causin' major pains'
he looked at me and said:
'hard to frown in this extra sunshine.
my water still runs clear.
i still get exotic fruit from the southern hemisphere.
what's your fear?? our country Trumps all the rest--
we're the best!'
i scratched my head as he puffed out his chest
is this a test? survival of the fittest? or just a mess?
it must be...empathy that makes me feel this way
as i go about my everyday with no delay
while others pay the cost of my externalities
this is our relative reality, forsaken fallacy
we have one planet. how come we don't believe it?
we are a single species. how come we won't see it?
scholar minds say we can't sustain what we emit but
dollar signs ensure this fatal debt is one that we'll remit
i can't vouch for this greed
it's like we're all buying synthetic Thneeds
and the voice on the record is tired and skipping:
UNLESS we care enough to be burdened in advance
we won't have an ant's chance under a magnifying glass
so i stand up here and go off on rants
making pleas to my younger self to never become jaded
if you got somethin' to say, Say It
you know the quote: Be the Change, kid
you are Not nameless
all across the nation
we put in work for the planet while our congress on vacation
the bridge between science and communication
you are that weirdo chanting cadence at a demonstration
you are the hero of the famous Climate Generation
...own it
this is your Lorax moment.


released October 31, 2016
Lyrics by Larry Montague. Beat by RJD2 (used without permission but with great respect and appreciation)



all rights reserved


Fluent Huntington, Vermont

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