Mind is a Flower

by Fluent

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Francesca Jo Montague! The background rhythm to this track is Frankie's heartbeat, as captured in the womb circa November 2014.


Born into the water
the same substance is the shower where I sing
when it's spilling over skin, absorb it
Always knew I'd have a daughter
didn't know I'd have a sun, too--
my whole world revolving around her
Close encounter with the founder of my purpose
I stare into her eyes so perfect
Watching her sleep and getting nervous
imagining her first wish, first love, first kiss
Mind if a Flower
Time is the power that I feel
The plower of the fields
so prepared to grow
and every hour is revealed a Woah!
opposite of slow
"Jamie do you know what Frankie Jo did today?!"
A dad that stays at home is one to envy
no longer do I feel empty
the future nestled in my hands
Darling you send me
honest you do and I love you to the moon
Uncle Nick says of course you'd be born on 1 2 1 2

There's music in the air tonight
A baby's been born, she came in like a song
Simply and bright
She's an Earth child
Daughter of the best smile
Mover of the wind
What I've waited for my whole life

F is for flower, all your wonder on the inside
R is for resilient, may you take it all in stride
A is for the apple that I followed home to Washington
who gave birth to you by filling your heart beat with oxygen
N is for that first nap you took in my arms
C is for your cuteness, character, and charm
E is for the elevation we climbed to for your initiation
into the church of Mother nature
S is for the smile that you never hide
and also for the snow that fell when you arrived
C is for the color, green that's in your eyes
like Leopold's green fire, make me come alive
A is for "Amazing", the song your mom sings
and both you dance to
you play the heart strings
This is what loves brings
I love you Frankie, more than anything
Little Owl, never on heavy wings


released December 12, 2016
Produced by Jamie and Larry Montague :)



all rights reserved


Fluent Huntington, Vermont

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