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Listen to the confessions of a first-world offender
Full steam ahead—that’s the climate game-ender
Observe, ‘cause many are in the same position I am in
Forget retirement, we’re worried about our environment
‘Cause if we don’t protect the latter nothing else matters
My daughter’s future looks shattered while profits make the pockets of the Koch brothers get fatter like Abracadabra
The fact of the matter: people are MAD and getting MADDER!
So, really, what’s my purpose in life
If buzzing around the surface of Earth on the search
leaves it in permanent plight?
It’s no affirmative right to dam rivers and
Blast mountains just to turn on your light
We need real change, not the kind you sell on a shirt
That only works if you want to hear the beast burp
Shoot-first method got us like a felon or worse
And Alberta tarsands look like hell on Earth

Stand up today for all kind
Stand up today
It's our time to find a way
Liven up, son
A brighter day is right ahead now

Stand up today for all kind
Stand up today
It's our time to find a way
A brighter day now
Climbin' on and on and on

It’s time to stand now!
If you’ve been standing unarmed put your hands down!
Thought of heading down the pipe? Turn yourself around!
‘Cause our well-being can’t be fracked from the ground
The mainstream has been polluted—join the underground!
As we rise up and take control of it now!
We’re not puppets now
This is when we do for Us
Who but us can represent? Our representatives are dubious
Who be us? We be the students inside the moving bus
Headed to rallies, protests
Walk poverty lines donating our time
What a strange day to be alive
Coming of age as CO2 climbs, writing rhymes
Trying to plant a seed inside of fighting minds
Reviatlize and get enlightened without the powerlines
This is our time! My collective action is rappin’
I'm here to spread the cold facts
Trying to make something happen
So my daughter has an equal opportunity for fresh water


released October 30, 2016
Produced by Larry Montague. Credits: Tony and Jay Rinaldi for bass and drums; Camp of the Sacred Stones for the photo. Contains elements from Nomad Soul - Murmuration



all rights reserved


Fluent Huntington, Vermont

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